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Update on buying and programming

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:34 pm
by trido
It is Jan 16th 2018 I would not buy any scanner for Evansville just yet.
Also I would not pay for programming just yet for the new radio system.
Stay tuned to this forum and this topic for updated info.

UIpdate Jan 21.
There is a leak that Uniden will have a new Handheld scanner this year.
From my source yes they will and MAYBE it will handle simulcast issues like Evansville will have.

So again for now to early to buy anything new or program any digital scanners you own.
If you MUST have something right now all that will work for sure is Unication pager/receiver.
However way to early cause no agency is on the New system yet.Just testing for now.