testing scanners on new system

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testing scanners on new system

Post by trido » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:48 am

As of Dec 5th they have turned on the new system.
However there are no full time users at present.
What is going on they have a Harris gateway in place.

Simply put this is a link between the old and new.
Meaning all current radios are still on Edacs.
SO edacs in and P-25 out.
Not much right now is heard via the P-25 side.
Simple terms a users radio must be ON the New P-25 system and on a radio talk group(P-25) for our P-25 scanners to hear them.

Now for the times we are hearing traffic on P-25 it isnt real good.
Several of us are using many different model digital scanners.
All at time completely miss some radio traffic.

Might be the mobiles other times the dispatchers.

This is typical issues with current model Uniden and Whistler scanners.
Both companies have not addressed this issue YET.
The one great thing Unication Pager G4 or G5 have addressed this simulcast issue.
Very little missed traffic.

If you want the current best radio receiver for Evansville the ONLY way to go is Unication.
Please see our Unication forum for more info.